Goodbye Real Cabin

Goodbye Real Cabin

Goodbye actual cabin. 👋🏻

You will be missed.

2 years ago Greg and I fulfilled one of our major life goals and dreams: buying land up north. We had talked about it and dreamed about it for a long time. It felt surreal when it actually happened. When we first bought it, it was full of beautiful 🌲 trees (that we got to save and use as firewood!) 🔥 And then we put a home on it 🏠.

The memories our family has shared will be remembered for years to come— building a fire pit, then moving it when the kids accidentally ran their sled right through it (don’t worry, they were ok!), spending nights around the fire playing games and listening to music with friends, boating and hiking and sledding and so much more. ❤️ Truly cherished times. 

While our cabin gave us so much joy, the one thing it didn’t give us was true adventure and the option to get out and do more. See more. Go more. Explore more. Adventure more. ⛰ 

The beautiful state of Michigan has so much to offer us, and we decided that we wanted to see it all and show it to our kids. As stunning as Torch Lake is (and believe us, it’s among the best), we had a yearn to do more. Sitting in the cabin one night I texted Greg and said, “What if we sold the cabin, and everything in it and just traveled instead?” 🚗 

He probably thought I was crazy at first, but we discussed it and decided that it made a lot of sense-- we would see more, while reinvigorating the economy in Michigan, which is starting to see a lot of downfall that wasn't initially seen in the beginning of the pandemic. While we still had to stay grounded and keep our actual home (ya know, work, school, and all those other things that get in the way 🤣) being weekend warriors would fill G’s need to pack up and go, meanwhile giving me a sense of comfort (um, hello to traveling WITH my own bed!) But there was an absolute stipulation— if we were going to embrace #rvlife, it would definitely 100% be in an Airstream. We love the iconic style and quality that Airstream offers. G and I had honestly been borderline obsessed with Airstream and RV Life for a very long time before we even decided to sell the cabin. We have logged an embarrassing amount of hours watching Colonial Patrick and Wanderlocal videos on YouTube. 😬

So, we listed the cabin and sold it (in what I truly believe to be in record time, but that’s a different story for a different day). There were tears, and bittersweet is the only word I can really find to adequately describe it. Greg says he equates it to the house burning down (sad), but getting a really, really good insurance check out of it (happy).

So we bought the Tin Cabin, a lovely 25’ Globetrotter that comes home in just a few days. And as much as I am looking forward to it and to all our new adventures, it’s still hard to say goodbye to the cabin. Bittersweet goodbyes.

Onto new adventures.




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